I don't see any surveys to take.

There are multiple reasons why you don't see surveys on the survey overview page, the solutions to each are different.  

1) Ad blockers 

You have an adblocker that is disabling functions on the site. We use certain caching and CSS to display the top 8 surveys on the overview page. Adblocker sometimes interfere with this.

 First, try to see if you have the same issue when you open SurveySwap on a different browser, also try an incognito window. You may have to log in again. If you see surveys on the other browser or the incognito window, it's most likely the ad blocker.

Simply, make surveyswap.io an exception by choosing "don't run on pages of this site". 

We don't show you ads. That's a Promise!

2) Expand your demographics in your profile

The surveys displayed on the survey overview page are only the survey you are eligible for. This means if you select 'German' as a language in your profile, that you will only see surveys written in the German language. 

Usually, this is a good thing. But when you are from a country like Namibia, and only selected 'Afrikaans' as a language, you will see very few surveys. In this case, SurveySwap might not be the best solution for you. 

If you speak one of the most spoken languages (English/Spanish/Hindi), make sure you select it in your profile! 


3) You are doing a great job (!) 

It's possible you have been very active and took all surveys available for your demographic (read point 2). Good job!

In this case, simply wait for new surveys to appear. This should be within 24 hours. 

4) Other ways to earn credits

Other way #1: inviting friends 

We award 15 credits to any fellow student or friend you invited to the platform. Simply have them register using your share link. You can find this on the dashboard. Make sure they confirm their email (which might end up in the spam). 

Other way #2: Support us by paying for credits 

We know many students and researchers don't have a lot of money. That is why we started this platform, we care about research and want to give the world free survey respondents.

But, money really does help us to keep this platform alive. If you want to support our mission you can also buy credits. 

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