Can I see more than 8 surveys?

Sorry, this isn't possible. ❌

But what you can do is skip surveys, and new ones will appear. ✅

If you would like to know why we only display 8 surveys, we can elaborate. 

We understand it would be nice to simply browse a list of surveys and do the ones you like most, but, unfortunately, we can't do that. 

Let's look at the goal of this website: 

To provide a free option to do survey research. We do this by facilitating a fair energy exchange between people doing research.

If we let everyone choose, we get the following situations:

  1. Users that only filled out a few surveys yet, might get respondents very fast because their survey is more fun/interesting. And, vice versa, users with a less interesting survey topic may have to wait very long, even if they have filled out a lot of surveys. 
  2. Surveys that take longer to complete get taken less if you give people a filter. 

That's another reason to use the credit system. ✨

It's like standing in line. We all would agree that people who have waited longer should be helped first, and not be discriminated against in any way. 

Similarly, users with a higher credit balance, are users that have filled out more surveys and should be helped first. 

We hope you understand our decision and support it.  

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