How do I get respondents here?

SurveySwap is a place where you are connected with other people that also need survey answers. You help each other, by filling each other's surveys.

Being plagued trying to find respondents ourselves when we were students we decided to start SurveySwap. We try to make the exchange of survey answers as fair and efficient as possible for you. ☀️

You fill out surveys to earn credits, which will automatically turn into respondents. You don't have to activate anything. Just sit back and wait. 

  1. Sign up 
  2. Add your survey 
  3. Choose the target audience for the survey
  4. Take surveys to earn credits (or purchase in the shop)
  5. Sit back and watch responses come in

    Read more: How do credits work?

If you have any doubts, contact us in the Helpdesk chat. We try to answer within 1 business day, but you will always get a human reply 🤗

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