How do I know my survey is online?

Your survey is online when it looks like this: 

Under My Surveys, your survey will have a green box that says 'online'. This means your survey is active and visible to others. If it says anything else, it's not visible to others.

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What your survey needs to be online: 

✅ it is uploaded

✅ it has a survey code at the end of the survey message or thank you page.

✅ you have enough credits.

When do I have enough credits? 

How many credits are 'enough' depends on your survey length. 

Let's say your survey takes 5 minutes to completes, which means it will cost 5 credits per completion. Let's also say you have 0 credit balance. 

Then you complete a 6-minute survey, which earns you 6 credits.

Since you only required 5 credits, this means your survey is now online. 

Now someone will see your survey in the list, completes it. This will give them 5 credits, and deduct 5 credits from your balance.  

You will now have 1 credit left over, which is not enough since you need 5 credits. This means you would have to earn at least 4 more credits to get your survey back online. 

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