Help, I have issues with the Credit Link / Importing a survey

Is your survey getting blocked due to survey code? Read this guide to fix it quick.

Importing a survey from Qualtrics, Google Forms or any other builder requires proper placement of a survey code. 

Your survey might be blocked because it received too many reports from the community.  🚫🚫

Possible issues: 

  1. You didn’t place the code on the ‘thank you’ page of your survey software.
  2. The link is there, but it’s not a hyperlink 
  3. The link is there, but you cannot copy-paste it
  4. The link is there, but very hard to see 
  5. You forgot to place the credit link entirely, or... 
  6. Something else completely


Step 1: Test and take your own survey* with another device or incognito tab. You have to be not logged in. 

*Take a screenshot or clear picture of the placement of the credit link (just in case). 

Step 2: Fix the issues 1-5 above. 

Step 3: Go to SurveySwap, 'Dashboard', ‘My Surveys’ click settings on the blocked survey.  

Step 4: Click ‘edi’, and redo the instructions. (see image below)

Step 5: Your survey should be back online and will be tested.

If you solved all the 1 - 5 issues, you will be good to go. ✅

When you have tried e-e-everything: contact our Helpdesk in the bottom right corner.

Make sure you include the screenshot and we will get your survey unblocked ASAP 🤗


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