I completed a survey but there was no code, what now?

I completed a survey but there was no credit link, what now?

So you've just finished filling out a survey, but there was no credit link. 

All that time wasted, right?

Nope, don't worry! Here's the solution:


1.Go from the survey you just filled in your browser tab to the SurveySwap tab. 2. The survey you just took should be there.

3. Click 'report' 

4. Select reason 'code missing' 

5. You will receive the credit link via email and 1 bonus credit for helping us keep the system clean. We manually check this, usually within an hour. 

A note of order:

The (completion) code has replaced the old "credit link". The credit link was sometimes impossible to copy and led to confusion and frustration. With an easy to manually enter code, we hope to prevent this issue. 


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