How does Boost function work?

The new 'Boost' function allows you to double the credit value of your survey so that you can get responses faster. 

If you currently have a survey that requires 5 minutes to answer, it means it requires 5 credits. Enabling the Boost function doubles the value of the survey making it 10 credits for 5 minutes, making it more attractive for users to answer, and you can get your survey respondents faster. 

Note: If you had the old boost points, they have been automatically swapped to the appropriate amount of bonus credits, which you can use to boost your survey with this new 'Boost' feature. Read more about the new changes here.

How can I enable 'Boost'?

From your Dashboard, go to My Surveys. Find your survey from the list and look for the 'boost survey' button on the lower right of the survey information. Toggle it on if you want to turn it on. 

To turn it off, simply toggle the 'Boost survey' button to 'Off'.

Important note: You don't need the Boost function to get respondents, it only speeds up the turn-around time.

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