How do credits work?

What are credits? 

Credits are required for your survey to be visible to others.

Every time someone completed your survey it costs you credits. These are withdrawn from your credit balance automatically. When your credit balance is too low, your survey is offline and not visible to others.

How much is a credit worth? 

A credit is worth 1 minute of time spent taking a survey. 

If your survey takes 5 minutes to fill out (which we estimate), you require 5 credits to get 1 respondent. 

How do I earn credits? 

You can earn credits by filling out surveys, sharing SurveySwap, or purchasing them in the shop. 

Earned credits can only be used to get respondents for your survey, they cannot be sold for money. We don't want to incentivize the wrong people to join this platform.

Why Swap credits, and not surveys?

Because some surveys take much longer to complete than others. This would make swapping 1-on-1 unfair.

For example, swapping a 5-minute survey for a 45-minute survey means that one person only has to spend 5 minutes for a respondent, while the other has to spend 45 minutes.

By adding the 1 credit per minute system we keep the fair exchange.

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