My survey is blocked

What to do when your survey is blocked.

If your survey is blocked you might have gotten too many reports from people in the community.

Possible issues: 

  1. You didn't place the survey code at the very ending of your survey. It should be displayed only when people have clicked submit.
  2. The link is there, but very hard to see. Simply make it easy to see, add a bolded heading "SurveySwap code"
  3. You forgot to place the survey code entirely.

The link that leads to your survey is incorrect. Please check it. Sometimes users accidentally share an old link, or the link to the login page of their survey software, instead of the actual survey.


Step 1: Test and take your own survey* with another device or incognito tab. You have to be not logged in.

*Take a screenshot or clear picture of the placement of the survey (just in case).

Step 2: Fix the issues.

Step 3: Go to SurveySwap, 'Dashboard', ‘My Surveys’ click settings on the blocked survey.

Step 4: Click ‘Edit’, and redo the instructions. (see image below)

Step 5: Your survey should be back online and will be tested.

If this doesn't help the issue, please contact our Helpdesk. 

Make sure you include the screenshot and we will get your survey unblocked ASAP 🤗

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