The number of responses don't add up

In 90% of cases this is an issue with credit link placement. You may have placed it on the same page as the submit button.

Why is that a problem? 

This is a problem because SurveySwap users will prioritize clicking the credit link, which directs them back to SurveySwap. Then they cannot click the submit button in your survey.

In Google Forms it's a big problem, they don't save progress if survey takers don't click 'submit', so this means you have lost your data. Shoot us a message in the chat though, we will refund some credits in most cases. 

In Qualtrics it's not that bad. The responses will show up as 'unfinished'. You can still use the data then, because they technically did finish the entire survey, but just skipped the very last page which didn't have more questions but only a survey code. 

For other survey software it could vary, but in all cases you want the credit link to appear only after have clicked 'submit'. 

How to fix this? 

Go to your dashboard, under 'My Surveys' click 'Settings', and select 'edit' for the survey that you are having this issue with. 

Follow the instructions again for adding the survey code, and make sure the survey code is correctly placed. 

Google Forms:



We hope this solves your issue, and that you didn't lose too many responses. Let me know in the chat if and we if we can refund some of your lost responses 🤗

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