Survey code was missing

Didn't get the credits after taking a survey?

We understand this is frustrating. You have spent your time and energy on a survey, you should get your credits.

In this quick guide, we will teach you how you can still get the credits - even if the completion code was missing. 

If this guide doesn't help, we are more than happy to help you still get your well-earned credits, just send us a message. 

First, we have to distinguish different problems: 

  1. Was the completion code missing? 
  2. Was the link not clickable? 
  3. The link was there, and it was clickable but it gave an error.

1. The completion code was missing

In this case, you want to report the survey.

Reporting the survey will automatically as soon as we have reviewed the survey, which is usually within an hour. Just click on "Report" when doing a survey (see image).

Choose the reason for reporting, which is 'code missing'

2. The completion code was not clickable

Some survey software doesn't allow the creation of a hyperlink in the thank you message. This means you will have to manually enter the completion code into SurveySwap. 

If somehow it still went wrong, write down the name of the survey and contact us in chat.

We will sort it out for you ✌️

-Team Surveyswap

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